QC Monitoring & Methodology

In order to carry that 'QC Certified' Stamp, all garments go through a thorough process of verification.

Before wash garments are checked 100%,50% or at 2.5 AQL for measurement and sewing damages. If any damages are noted in, before wash inspection, a report is forwarded to the sewing plant for approval before initiating bulk washing. Thereafter a mini bulk is followed by the first bulk inspection while a test lot report is completed. Once the Wet Process and the

Processes are completed, after-wash garments are 100% inspected with approved wash standards and shade band before dispatching the garments to the sewing plants.

We ensure the use of bio-degradable APOP free chemicals and formaldehyde - free chemicals with prior inspection of MSDS's. Colour fasteness, Ph and others tests are carried out in our mini lab facility to meet with buyer specifications, RSL and REACH guidelines.



Equal Employment Opportunities

We value our work force of over 150 skilled personnel. Over the progress of our journey together we are committed to improve their quality of life. Proper policies, procedures are set in place to ensure there is no discrimination, protection of women's rights, no forced labour and grievance handling. We are careful to ensure there is no harassment or abuse of any sort within the organization. Instead, there is a pleasant and contented working environment for all.



Health & Safety Standards

Our premises are fully compliant with international health & safety regulations and buyer specifications. We are proud to say our premises have been an accident free workplace from the very date of our operations 10 years ago. All staff have access to regular training on health and safety aspects such as fire hazards, training for fire fighting, handling of waste and first aid. We have onsite a trained nurse, personnel trained in first aid along with a monthly visit by a MBBS qualified Medical Doctor. Safety guidelines, staff uniforms, safety equipment, medical and first aid facilities are all an integral part of our


Environmental & Local Regulatory Bodies

Our factory is regulated by the local authority under the Environmental Protection License (EPL). We have a systematic administered approach for waste handling and disposal. Only biodegradable chemicals are used and waste water is treated and released to an approved channel as per required treatment standards. Future expansion has envisioned the use of bio-fuel for steam boilers in an eco-friendly manner.


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